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Larry Strawbridge has been building, repairing, power-washing, cleaning, staining-painting decks for over 20 years.  Recently he discovered a water-proofing component that makes wood not only water proof, but insect, mold and mildew proof from the inside out. This means that Larry Strawbridge can do your deck ONCE and it’s DONE! We have a 30 year LIFETIME guarantee on this process!  Your deck must meet certain criteria such as no existing rotted, splintered wood! Remember, we can replace pieces or sections of bad deck boards. We can also build a deck for you from scratch according to your plans.


If you are looking to build a small add-on or a brand-new deck? We will make your dreams a reality.

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We have years of experience planning, managing, and executing construction projects of all kinds. Our team is professional and reliable, and we will work within your constraints. We always stay on the job until it's done to your satisfaction.


Environmentally Friendly Process

Our proprietary water proofing compound comes from the Northern Territories where it has been used for several decades to waterproof telephone poles and power line poles. It was designed years ago to take the place of toxic creosote.  We have used this product on wood decks, cedar trim, and outdoor wooden furniture. Our product not only waterproofs, but also eliminates worry about termites, carpenter ants, and fungus-rot. We can treat all the new or cleaned exterior wood around your home. Cedar lumber used for fascia and window trim that is treated with our waterproofing compound, primed and either stained or painted will last forever.

Why does this process work so well?  First, the reason paint and stain will lift off of wood is that the hydrostatic internal water pressure pushes paint and stain OFF of wood. Untreated wood is constantly taking up and giving off water in its tiny cells, creating hydrostatic pressure. What we do is fill the little wood cells with a non-toxic product that soaks into the wood up to two inches depth. When it cures after 72 hours, the wood will no longer expand and contract with moisture, it will last forever with just a yearly cleaning, or we can stain or paint your deck any color you choose without you worrying about the finish coming off later due to weather conditions. Our unique process guarantees your wood decks, trim, furniture to LAST!

We can remove almost ANY stain or paint on your deck or wood trim. We use environmentally friendly soda blasting in combination with our power washing to strip off paint, graffiti, and other sealers. We also do masonry surfaces, concrete driveways and patios.

We also do concrete work as you can see in our picture gallery.                          Master Finish, Indianapolis, IN | email: cell & text 317.281.3731